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Back on Sidux

July 30, 2008 2 comments

Yeah, my distribution hopping days are over once again and I’m back on … Sidux. For the bit tech savvy there just isn’t a better distribution, if you just kinda know your way around in any xBuntu you shouldn’t have a problem handling Sidux. Just a bit more caution when doing updates, that’s it.


  • What distribution installs into a working system in little over 2 minutes?
  • What distribution is powered by Debian technoloy AND is on a rolling release?
  • Doesn’t use the stupid (K)networkmanager. Honestly, I hate it. Or I can’t see the advantages. Asking for trouble once your X gets fried and no networking on console.
  • On the above… Ceni
  • Debian
  • What distributions actually gets you up-to-date versions of the software you use daily? Apart from source distributions like Gentoo.
  • SMXI is awesome. Period.
  • KDE is the default desktop and gets the love.
  • Debian
  • Enable contrib and non-free repositories and multimedia is-a-go.
  • Honestly, the fonts outta the box are the best I have seen on any distribution (well, after one says hi to /etc/fonts/conf.avail/10-autohint.conf). Why oh why do some distributions still not pay attention+1 to their font configs? It’s the first thing a user sees and the last thing once he shuts down his machine at the evening.
  • Awesome developers and maintainers.

Guess there a gazillion more points I like about Sidux. Not suited for all my machines because it’s too bleeding edge at times (read: work laptop), but on my Desktop… Here to stay.

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