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Note to self: if (syslog.contains(‘device descriptor read/64, error -62’) && syslog.contains(‘unable to enumerate USB device on port whatever’)) {

before debugging for like two hours and then thinking your USB harddrive is broken – check whether the damn cable is actually functioning and fully connected. Then keep wanting the two hours of your life back. /rant off }

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Turning AntiAliasing on for Java Applications in X11

February 26, 2010 8 comments

I’ve always been disgusted with how Java Application fonts look under X11. Been using quite a lot of IDEs lately and have found myself always going back to either Mac OS X or even Windows because my eyes could just not bear the uglyness of the fonts for more than 30 seconds. No good looking, crispy fonts? I’m outta there.
Thanks to this post by Hedayat and knowing I can turn on AntiAliasing by putting this into my environment

export _JAVA_OPTIONS=”-Dawt.useSystemAAFontSettings=on -Dswing.aatext=true”

developing in Java IDEs under Linux has become a lot more attractive.

EDIT: If your UI fonts in IntelliJ Idea still suck – switching to the GTK+ Look And Feel under Settings/Appearance/UI Options fixed that for me. Fonts look gorgeous now – and makes the whole application blend in much better with the rest of the system, anyway.

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Alsa woes

Note to self: Intel’s HDA chip on my P35 motherboard sucks and doesn’t support hardware mixing. Debian’s libasound2 sucks too since the plug:dmix is broken for w/e reason.

Solution: Reactived my trusty old Creative Audigy2. Sweet piece of hardware and does hardware mixing.

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Windows Vista is partition nazi

October 1, 2007 Leave a comment

Tried to install Vista today since XP’s install routine simply refuses to work on my new P35-Chipset Mobo. And since I bought a copy back in the day I said… Well, let’s try it. Got to the installer and selected an empty partition to install to. Nada, nope, Mr. Vista doesn’t like to install. Tried everything… Deleting the partition, enlarging it, nothing worked.

Only when I deleted ALL prior partitions on that disc the diva proceeded to install. Way to go Microsoft. Newsflash: Not all of my HD space is belonging to you. Left me with a sour taste in my mouth, will have to restore my Gentoo install later on. :/ And what happens if I have to reinstall Vista in like two weeks? We’ll see,I’m expecting the worst – time to develop a serious backup strategy to an external drive.

EDIT: Fuck off Vista. First try: System goes to Stage 3. Hangs for about 3 hours on Stage3 ‘Completing install…’ looking like it does something – then crashes to black screen. Next try, will change some stuff in BIOS. Thanks for leaving me without an OS at all btw.

EDIT2 : Switching SATA2 drives from AHCI to IDE mode seems to have fixed the install. Still… Why the hell doesn’t Vista support AHCI on an Intel ICH9 board when the Linux Kernel does so perfectly? Yikes Microsoft… I’ll try the install another time injecting the latest Intel driver while installing.

EDIT3: Well, injecting the drivers from Intel doesn’t work either. The install is totally borked when AHCI is turned on on ANY controller, even if there is no HDD attached.

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