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Everyone said it already…

September 23, 2010 Leave a comment

… and I am late to the party, but KDE SC 4.5.1 is an awesome release. Looking absolutely gorgeous, rock stable and fast for me so far. Kudos and thanks to everyone involved!

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There is no alias like home

I use open a lot when on my Mac, so
alias open="gnome-open 2>/dev/null >/dev/null" or
alias open="kde-open 2>/dev/null >/dev/null"
makes me feel more at home when in a Linux environment. It makes your desktop environment of choice open the associated application when you open <filename> from the console.

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Using Dropbox in a KDE environment

Even though the Dropbox Service I seriously can’t live without anymore is basically designed to work with Nautilus and therefore Gnome, it works very well in a KDE environment.

Register with the service and then

cd $HOME

# download dropbox x86
wget -O dropbox_x86.tar.gz
# or, if you are running x86_64
wget -O dropbox_x86_64.tar.gz

# unpack it
tar xfvz dropbox_<x86 or x86_64>.tar.gz

# start dropboxd - the initial Wizard will be coming up to enter you account data

# put the Dropbox daemon into your autostart, so it begins its job once KDE comes up
ln -s $HOME/.dropbox-dist/dropboxd $HOME/.kde/Autostart/dropboxd
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KDE pictures of awesomeness+1

Reading Aaron’s latest Blog entry I was totally blown away by the graphics he had in his post – to the point that I was so blown away I posted a comment asking where to get them when Aaron actually linked to them *cough*.

Anyway, check out Wade’s Blog and his public Picasa gallery for some awesome, awesome KDE related material. His stuff just rocks.

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KDE 4.1 RC1+ on OpenSuSE 11.0

July 28, 2008 3 comments

Edit: Thanks Miguel, it’s indeed RC1+. 🙂

I was bored over the weekend. Really bored. Kinda had a little flu, so couldn’t go outside… What does one do then? Yeah, check out another distribution.
Decided to give OpenSuSE 11.0 a spin – wasn’t terribly amazed by the 10.3 release, but really curious to see what they did with KDE 4.x. Long story short, they did quite a nice job polishing it to look familiar to KDE 3.5.x users. Too ‘familiar’ and not enough 4.x’ish for my liking, but kudos to them – almost everything worked like you would expect it to work. Played around with it for like an hour, then decided to give KDE 4.1 Beta 2 a spin. What really, really rocks about OpenSuSE these days is their one-click installs. Went to the KDE4 Wiki page, clicked on KDE 4.1 Factory and off it went to download and install. One logout later I was greeted by Beta 2 – and it even lost the greenish SuSE polish, which I wasn’t terribly sorry about. 🙂

I don’t really get what people like about the Aya theme over Oxygen – the latter looks totally gorgeous. Transparent Plasma Panels? Check. Eye Candy everywhere? Check. Maybe it’s just me, but I just dig the black style of the Oxygen theme. Probably Aya just looks a bit more familiar. Check out this screenshot (click for full size). The only thing that’s kinda messed up are some of the Tray icons. Some of them are … garbled at the bottom. Didn’t have time to check why.

As far as functionality goes, I switched to 4.1 fulltime now. Everything I need for my daily work is there and stability – at least with this SuSE build – was really nice. Ok, I had some Plasma crashes here and there (maybe two over a full day worth of work?) and when I tried to download new widgets via DXS they … well… downloaded, then crashed Plasma and were nowhere to be seen again. Only had the option to uninstall, but they would never show up in the ‘Add Widgets’ menu. No biggie and didn’t investigate further, probably some version mismatch stuff or something.

Speaking about OpenSuSE in general… 11.0 seems like a solid release to me. In 10.3 Zypper just sucked. Totally. Waiting 5 minutes before it had even pulled together it’s repository caches was unbearable. It’s a lot better in 11.0, not as fast as apt, but almost there. The new installer looks really nice, even though functionality hasn’t changed much. But I guess there wasn’t much to change, it always just worked. After installation you don’t have to fiddle around much with repositories, the first time you order it to fetch upgrades Yast automatically asks you to configure repos. Packman is there, Nvidia/ATI are there and also Build Service repositories are just one click away. Pretty cool.
What wasn’t so cool was that I had to dust off ye’olde ethernet cable since the installed kernel came with the ath5k module for Atheros WiFi Connectivity, which seems borked. It loaded ok, recognized the card, but refused to find any accesspoint in range, let alone connect to anything. One blacklisting and installing the MadWifi drivers later WiFi was back up. Small annoyance, still I hate to throw cables around my appartment.

But actually these days… It doesn’t really matter anymore whether you choose OpenSuSE, Ubuntu, Fedora, Mandriva or any other ‘big’ distribution, seems like they all pretty much work outta the box. Personal choice I guess and the how and why they chose to polish/brand their desktops. For me personally it’ll be pretty hard to choose once the final KDE 4.1 editions of Mandriva and OpenSuSE come out. Or will I go for the – if they choose the path they did with the 3.5.x editions – pretty vanilla Kubuntu desktop? We’ll see.

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Followup: 11 Myths about KDE 4.x

Will comment on it tomorrow, it’s late now… But this is well worth a read, well written and well adressed article by Sebastian Kügler on KDE 4.x.

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KDE 4.1 is teh awesome

July 11, 2008 4 comments

Writing this post under KDE 4.1 Beta 2.

Downloaded the new Mandriva 2009.0 to test out their implementation of KDE 4.1 Beta 2 and boy… It rocks. Plasma is coming along and is useable now. Folderview rocks. Nepomuk integration rocks. Font rendering rocks. General looks is sexy. The whole thing flies even when under a Live CD environment on my lame old T41 laptop.

I seriously can’t wait to replace my current Gentoo 3.5.9 installation with 4.1 once the final comes out and it gets to Portage Trees. Might even replace the Kubuntu installation on this work laptop with the final Mandriva. Sorry Kubuntu guys, but your distribution just feels…. not so sexy when comparing it to the works of Mandriva. Maybe it’s time for Canonical to fully embrace Kubuntu and lent Jonathan Riddell more than just one hand – and maybe be a bit less conversative in terms of styling and finish? Just look at the default Mandriva Screensaver, it’s a piece of art really.

In one sentence – KDE 4.1… Bloody looking forward to it. Kudos to Aaron and all the other developers. You guys rock!

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