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Tune Instructor – iTunes Swiss Army Knife

October 21, 2009 Leave a comment

I was a long time user of gimmesometune. But for some reason it stopped fetching lyrics. It’s still an awesome application, but no more lyrics kinda suck. And as the author seems to be lacking time to support it, I had to search for another solution and came across Tune Instructor. support? check.
Lyric Fetching? check.
Artwork Fetching? check.
Mini Control in your menu bar? check.
Song Announcement? check.
A gazillion of other features that are plain awesome? check.

If you are using a Mac and iTunes, definitely give it a shot. It’s that awesome. MacMagazin has an article about it, German though. Tune Instructor is Donationware, so please support the author if you use it. It’s well worth your money.

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