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See everything and the kitchen sink about your harddrive

November 3, 2011 Leave a comment

Ever wondered what specifications your harddisk/SSD actually has? hdparm is your best friend here. I wondered whether my Corsair SSD actually had TRIM supported/enabled, and this is what sudo hdparm -I /dev/sda (of course, replace /dev/sda with w/e your desired device node is) got me:
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Remove all non-printable ASCII Characters from filename

October 31, 2011 3 comments

Sometimes I get some crappy zipped/rared/whatever packages that contain filenames that are not UTF-8 encoded, mostly from old package programs used on the Windows platform. What happens is that those packages will unpack just fine, but more often than not you end up with filenames that contain non-printable characters. PITA if there’s a lot of them. tr to the rescue!

ls -1 | while read file; do N=$(echo $file | tr -cd '\11\12\40-\176'); mv "$file" "$N"; done

What this does is basically:

  • get every filename in the current directory and toss it to tr
  • the -c and -d options used like this command tr to only output characters that we actually specify
  • the quoted argument tells tr to only retain the octal characters 11, 12 and 40 to 176. Octal 11 is Tab, 12 is linefeed (technically, this should be omitted from a filename, but I also use this to filter textfiles, so it comes in handy and is of no real harm here). 40 to 176 are the standard keyboard characters from space to ~, which we actually like in our filenames.
  • finally, we move the garbled filename to the new, cleaned up version.
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Split a video file on the command line

October 13, 2011 Leave a comment

Since it’s so insanely useful and installing/using the common graphical video editors is pretty much a pita:

ffmpeg -ss 00:15:00.0 -t 00:10:0.0 -i <source>.foo -vcodec copy -acodec copy <destination>.foo

Above command clips everything to the 15 minute mark, puts the following 10 minutes into the destination file and then clips everything after that.
If you leave out the -t parameter, everything from the -ss mark to the end gets copied to the destination file. Useful and fast.

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Life Changing Chrome Extension Of The Month: Hover Zoom

Seriously, it’s that good. What Hover Zoom by Romain Vallet does? It ‘simply’ loads the images behind little thumbnails and displays them in an overlay frame.

Hover Zoom on Google Images

Sounds simple? I’m sure it isn’t, even more so if you look at the supported sites:

 • Amazon		•			• 4chan
 • Baidu (百度)		• MySpace			• Reddit
 • deviantART		• Picasa Web Albums	        • Imgur
 • eBay			• Twitter			• Panoramio
 • Facebook		• Wikipedia			• Fotolog
 • Flickr		• Windows Live Photos	        • VKontakte (ВКонтакте)
 • Google Images	• Yahoo				• YouTube
 • Google+ 		• WordPress

Apart from these officially supported sites, I found Hover Zoom working well for quite a lot of other websites on which it ‘just works’.

The author has done an amazing jobs keeping the extension really simple and unobtrusive, with options for whitelisting certain sites, adjustable delay and fading effects and zoom on keyhold. It even displays captions below the zoomed image if it’s able to catch one. This is the kind of extension that’s hard to describe, but once you’ve installed it you are going to miss it on any browser that doesn’t have it.

Hover Zoom on Flickr Hover Zoom on Facebook

Hover Zoom is available from the Chrome Web Store.

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Ever wondered what font’s being used on a webpage?

I certainly have. And it bugged me to no ends having to look for the CSS and then maybe, just maybe find what font family’s being used. Sure, FireBug and the integrated Chrome Developer Tools eased that process somewhat, but still… well, no more. I wish I’d known earlier that the fabulous WhatFont existed. It’s a Bookmarklet/Chrome Extension/Safari Extension that basically sits somewhere until you click it. You can then hover over any text and it tells you what font’s being used to display it. If you click you get additional information about the font service used, size etc. etc. Invaluable!

Screenshot shows the Chrome Extension.

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If I had one wish this year…

… it would be Spotify officially available in Germany. The software (hello wireless iPhone syncing!) and the service is so good, it’s hard to live without once you experienced it. Maybe Apple will introduce something reasonably priced… it will still come with the monster that is called iTunes. And it sucks.

Lotus Notes 8.5.2 + Ubuntu 10.10 = working, out of the box

September 27, 2010 4 comments

Wow, they got it all right this time. Everything works without any tinkering – thanks IBM, you made my day. Seriously.

Disclaimer: On x86 that is.

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