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So simple, yet useful…

… it almost hurts. Read this post by Andrew Jamison about making directories and automatically cwd’ing to it – once you read it, you know you always needed it!

# mkdir, cd into it
mkcd () {
mkdir -p "$*" && cd "$*"

Put into your .bashrc – profit!

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XMarks is awesome for cross-browser bookmark synchronisation

December 7, 2009 Leave a comment

’nuff said. Try it under Love it. I do.

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Saving the web, one click at a time

October 24, 2009 Leave a comment

I am annoyed by Flash. It sucks, it is used for annoying stuff everywhere, it hogs cpu cycles like no tomorrow and crashes often. ClickToFlash to the rescue!

Replaces all things Flash by a box that you can click on if you really want to. But what is totally awesome is that it lets you play YouTube videos as H.264 using QuickTime X just inside your (Webkit)-browser using HTML5. It just rocks, essential install.

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Tune Instructor – iTunes Swiss Army Knife

October 21, 2009 Leave a comment

I was a long time user of gimmesometune. But for some reason it stopped fetching lyrics. It’s still an awesome application, but no more lyrics kinda suck. And as the author seems to be lacking time to support it, I had to search for another solution and came across Tune Instructor. support? check.
Lyric Fetching? check.
Artwork Fetching? check.
Mini Control in your menu bar? check.
Song Announcement? check.
A gazillion of other features that are plain awesome? check.

If you are using a Mac and iTunes, definitely give it a shot. It’s that awesome. MacMagazin has an article about it, German though. Tune Instructor is Donationware, so please support the author if you use it. It’s well worth your money.

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1Password is just awesome and even more

October 15, 2009 5 comments

Using a Mac? Been thinking about the security of your password, login credentials, bank accounts and whatnot? Look no further…

I was trying to find a credentials-manager for some time now. Multi-Plattform support at least for reading my passwords etc. is a must. Been evaluating Data Guardian for some time now, but the support is utter crap. Couldn’t even get an answer to my questions from Koingo when I asked them for licensing. And the software… It’s okay, but not much more. I am not buying something I can’t even get support for. So much for that…
Then I read about 1Password on today. That’s it. Played around with the software for 15 minutes and bought it. Sad thing is – you can’t describe how awesome it is with words, you have to use it. Then you will want it. For ages I have been using crappy passwords, same passwords on multiple sites, etc… no more. 1Password generates passwords for you, stores them securely, retrieves them when needed (god, the automatic login to web sites is just awesome), even stores Thumbnails for the sites you have passwords stored (the little details that make you go: awesome!) and with the new 1Password Anywhere makes them available in any Web-Browser on any operating system. Couple that with Dropbox Synching and you are in love. And there is an iPhone App, too. That syncs. I am in love with this software.

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