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Very impressed…

… with the new Ubuntu looks introduced in the 10.4 beta. Absolutely polished and very, very functional. Okay, it is different – but that is not necessarily a bad thing. People will get used to it. And as a Mac user I definitely welcome the move of window buttons from the windows’y right side to the left. They just feel more natural there, anyway.

Another thing that really struck me in the beta is how absolutely gorgeous the default font rendering is (haven’t checked, but I think they now use the Liberation fonts over the DejaVu ones they are the DejaVu fonts). Usually I spend quite some time after installing a new distribution trying to get the fonts right. I don’t know why, but some distributions just can’t get it right – Ubuntu certainly has. You can think of Ubuntu whatever you want, but they know how to get the very, very important “basic” things right (which are really advanced when done right). On the desktop, no joe-average-user needs the absolutely latest and greatest and whatnot in kernel/service/security-land, what they need is an attractive, modern, good looking environment that is stable to work with.

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